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Best Western Okinawa Kouki Beach

Address 〒905-0025
117 Kouki Nago-city Okinawa-prefecture
TEL 0980-54-8155
FAX 0980-54-8152

Access by car

Via the Okinawa highway

① Travel from Naha Interchange to the Kyoda Interchange (about 60 minutes)
② From the Kyoda IC, drive south for 3 km on national road No. 58 (about 3 minutes). Our hotel is on the right along the seafront.

Via general roads

Drive north for 70 km on national road No. 58 from Naha (about 90 minutes). Our hotel is on the left along the seafront.

From Naha Airport, drive north on national road No. 58 via national road No. 332 (331) and turn left onto the prefectural road No. 6 at the “Yamada” junction in Onnason toward Yomitanson.Journey time: Approx 70 minutes

Access by bus

Via highway express bus

① Take the No. 111 bus at Naha Airport. Get off at Yofuke (approx. 90 minutes).
② Transfer to the local bus at the Yofuke bus stop and get off at the Kouki bus stop (about 10 minutes).
③ Walk south for 3 minutes from the Kouki bus stop. Our hotel is on the right along the seafront.

Via regular-route bus

① Take the No. 120 bus at the Naha Airport and get off at the Kouki bus stop (about 2 hours and 45 minutes).
② Walk south for 3 minutes from the Kouki bus stop. Our hotel is on the right along the seafront.
① Take the No. 20 bus at the Naha bus terminal and get off at the Kouki bus-stop (about 2 hours and 30 minutes).
②Walk for 3 minutes to the south from the Kouki bus-stop. Our hotel is on your right along the seaside.

Via limousine bus

① Exit the Naha Airport arrivals lobby and take the limousine bus from stop number 12. Get off at the nearby hotel (approx. 2 hours).
② Our hotel is about 5 minutes walk from the nearby hotel.


Local sightseeing information

Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium (approx. 50 minutes by car)

This aquarium is home to an enormous water tank called the Sea of Kuroshio. Here, you can observe the world’s biggest fish, the whale shark, as well as manta alfredi, which this aquarium was the first in the world to successfully breed. You can also experience the Deep Sea zone, an area that recreates the mysterious deep seas of Okinawa. At this popular attraction, you can experience the whole sea of Okinawa.

Recommended by our staff!

Visit the Trip to the Coral Reef experience zone to learn about and touch sea creatures of the Okinawan ocean, such as sea cucumbers and starfish that live in shallow waters.Children will treasure this memorable experience

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Nakajin Castle Ruins, a World Heritage Site (approx. 50 minutes by car)

The large stone walls of this world heritage site, Nakijin Castle, are still standing today. The outer stone wall in particular is curved like a folding screen. This is one of the most famous castles in Okinawa.A local guide canwill give you a tour.

Recommended by our staff!

In 2006, this castle was selected as one of the 100 most famous castles in Japan (by the Japan Castle Institute). It also ranked eighth in a survey of “Most enjoyed Japanese castles.” (Trip Advisor) The post station village of Imadomari next to the castle has been appointed as one of Okinawa’s 100 best rural towns. You can enjoy the appearance of a traditional Okinawan village, with the Fukugi promenade and tiled roofs.

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Nago Pineapple Park (approx. 20 minutes by car)

The autonomous driving Pineapple car will give you a tour around the pineapple fields and tropical gardens with thickly grown semi-tropical plants. Experience Japan’s first pineapple winery and eat pineapples to your hearts content. The staff here can tell you anything you want to know about pineapples.

Recommended by our staff!

Enjoy exploring the garden on the autonomous-driving, safe, and cute Pineapple car! You can see the semi-tropical plants in a jungle-like orchard. This tour offers an unmissable tropical atmosphere.

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Kyoda Michi-no-eki (approx. 5 minutes by car)

This is the most southern Michi-no-eki in Japan, full of special regional products. It is the building with the red tiled roof along the national road No. 58, near the Kyoda Interchange. It has an enormous parking site.

Recommended by our staff!

This Michi-no-eki has a lot of delicious foods from Yanbaru in the north of Okinawa. Get your fill of seasonal Okinawan vegetables and Okinawa-exclusive souvenirs! Our staff recommend the chocolate rice cake, a special product from Nago City. Maasandoo! (Delicious!)

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Okinawa Fruits Land (approx. 20 minutes by car)

Enjoy the nature of this tropical kingdom! Visitors can see southern fruits growing in the fruit zone and taste them in the fruit cafe. Interact with colorful birds in the birds zone and the largest butterflies in Japan in the butterfly zone.

Recommended by our staff!

Don't miss the “Tropical Kingdom Story” stamp rally game! You can win a shiny strap by solving games in various places in Fruits Land and rescuing the king who has been kidnapped by a fairy!

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