¥5500 (including tax) for our hotel guests
Venue: Weed Beach in front of our hotel


The scream marine sport set! Experience the super popular scream machine on the

The ultra popular “Active 3” such as Jet-ski, Banana-boat and Super Marble which you can enjoy much easier than any other places are now taking place!

Easily enjoy marine sports at a reasonable price!

Best Western Resort Okinawa Kouki Beach has set reasonable prices so that our guests enjoy marine sports more easily.

Having said that, we haven’t made any compromises on quality, so you can enjoy yourselves without any worries. We hope to make any trip to Okinawa, whether a family holiday or graduation celebration, a wonderful and memorable one.

All guests doing marine sports at Best Western Resort Okinawa Kouki Beach are required to wear a life jacket, so even people who aren’t confident at swimming can safely participate.

Take in the endless blue sky ands well as the clear cobalt blue sea asn dyou enjoy
the marine sports to the full!.

Active 3

Speaking of the motor sport on the sea, it’s a “Jet-ski”!
ベストウェスタンリゾート沖縄幸喜ビーチ|アクティビティ|アクティブ3 When thinking of ocean motorsports, everyone thinks of jet skis!
Ever since the movie where James Bond tore across the ocean on a jet ski, these machines have become popular worldwide!
We use the latest high-powered Kawasaki 4-cylinder 1200cc model! It can travel at thrilling speeds of 100km/h in a straight line!
You’ll be addicted to the speed as you race across the blue sea! Of course, our private instructor drives safely, so you can scream while feeling safe!!
Another typical marine sport is the banana boat!
ベストウェスタンリゾート沖縄幸喜ビーチ|アクティビティ|アクティブ3 The banana boat wobbles from side to side like a rodeo horse as it is towed by a jet ski. Use teamwork to make sure you don’t fall off into the sea!
The banana boat is filled with air for a super fun experience!
Have fun on this wild horse of the sea, the banana boat!
The Super Marble is a large float ring pulled across the ocean by a jet ski!
ベストウェスタンリゾート沖縄幸喜ビーチ|アクティビティ|アクティブ3 If you think that sounds too simple, you are wrong!
This ride is more thrilling than you could ever imagine from just looking at it.
When the jet ski turns, the float skids and you can experience the centrifugal force like an F1 racing car.
If you love roller coasters, let our staff know to make it extra special!
Your stress will be blown away by the centrifugal force.


Activity details

Active 3 ¥5500 (including tax)
Participation conditions:
At least 6 years old
Activity content
Experience 3 activities: a jet ski ride, banana boat, and Super Marble.
Activity time:
9:30~  13:30~
Planned duration:
90 minutes to 2 hours *Depending on the number of participants
What to bring:
Swimsuit, t-shirt that you don’t mind getting wet, health insurance certificate (copy is OK)


How to book

Please book the time on the booking form of Marine Club Berry.