Under-water camera rental

Under-water camera rental

You can rent the latest “Olympus TG-3” underwater camera!

TG-3 is the best camera of the Olympus “Tough” series.

Even beginners can take up to 16 million beautiful images underwater while diving!

It comes with a protective cover and works not only in the experience-diving program but also in a fun-diving program!

Keep your memories perfectly. Early booking recommended!

Bookings/Enquiries : Dive Seven Seas Okinawa Co., Ltd.
Tel No.080-6483-0605
※ When booking, please inform them that you are staying at our hotel.


Program ① ¥2000
Bring your SD card. If your card has got data in, don’t forget to take a back-up.
Program ② ¥3000

We will provide you an SD card and you can take it back with you with the photo data.