Okinawa Snorkeling & Feeding Tropical Fish Tour

Okinawa Snorkeling & Feeding Tropical Fish Tour

¥4500 for our hotel guests (including tax)
Venue: Weed Beach in front of our hotel

ベストウェスタンリゾート沖縄幸喜ビーチ|アクティビティ|沖縄スノーケル 熱帯魚餌付けツアー

You can enjoy this activity easily in your spare time!

The snorkeling tour runs four times a day, so you can join it in any spare time during your drive or sightseeing plans.

It will be convenient to join on the way to the Churaumi Aquarium or on the way back!

This trip takes you to a special place with a beautiful coral reef!

The snorkeling spot is very close by boat, so there is no need to worry about sea-sickness.

ベストウェスタンリゾート沖縄幸喜ビーチ|アクティビティ|沖縄スノーケル 熱帯魚餌付けツアー

Our instructors will support you to feel safe!

All guests on the snorkeling trip must wear a life jacket.

If you want, you can also wear a wetsuit!

We can offer a full suit (long sleeves and long trousers) or a springsuit (half sleeves and half trousers). Don’t hesitate to ask us.

Before the tour, our instructor will give you a lesson on how to snorkel enjoyably and safely. So, you can relax even if you are not a confident swimmer.

ベストウェスタンリゾート沖縄幸喜ビーチ|アクティビティ|沖縄スノーケル 熱帯魚餌付けツアー

Activity details

Price: ¥4,500(including tax)
Participation conditions: Over 5 years old
If you have any breathing or circulatory problems, you will need to submit a medical certificate from a doctor
Please read the “Health Check” below for more information.
Duration: 2 hours and a half
Meeting time: 1st boat 8:45 a.m. 2nd boat 10:45 a.m. 3rd boat 1:15 p.m. 4th boat 3:15 p.m.
*Please contact by phone for more details.
What to bring: Swimsuit, change of clothes, health insurance certificate (copy is OK)
Just in case, we require you to submit your health insurance certificate (or a copy).
Note: The program will go ahead in light rain, but may be cancelled or altered depending on other circumstances.
Health check Even if you have only a slight cold, like a blocked nose, you may not be able to take part.

You may not be able to take part depending on your past medical history.
We cannot permit people who are epileptic or pregnant to take part.
Please let us know if you have anything else you think we should be aware of.
Sometimes, we will request you to submit a medical certificate from a doctor.


How to book

Please book the time on the booking form of Marine Club Berry.