This is a diving trip for a diving license holders.
Geographical features Macrocosmic —-We will take you to the place with the
best conditions on the day.

・2 dives from a boat ¥15000

・3 dives from a boat ¥20000

・Full rental (heavy equipment, light equipment, wetsuit) ¥2500

・Heavy equipment rental ¥1000

・Light equipment rental ¥1000

・Wet-suit rental ¥1000 
・Hooded vest ¥500

Schedule of experience diving/fun diving

8:00  We will pick you up at your hotel.

8:15  Arrival at the port / Explanation of
9:00  Departure from the port

9:30  1st diving

11:30  2nd diving or snorkelling

12:30  Lunch time
14:00  3rd diving or snorkelling

15:00  Departure

15:30  Arrival at the port

16:00  We will take you back to your hotel.

※People who don’t do diving can enjoy snorkelling.