About diving license courses

About diving license courses

[Open-water license 2-day-course]

You can obtain a diving license in 2 days at the shortest, after you finish the online
e-learning in advance at home.

Get your dream diving license in Okinawa!


※ For the 2-day-course, you will need to check the operational environment of your PC.

If you can’t learn the course online, we will send you the teaching material and you can study it in advance at home. In a 2 and a half-day-course in Okinawa, you can check your answers to take a license course. Please feel free to make an enquiry.


Individual participation: ¥37000
Participation with 2 or more people: ¥30000


Advanced open-water course

This course is one step up course from the open-water course.
You can learn how to dive more safely and enjoyably through five dives over two days.