Kayak Tour to Yadokari Island

Kayak Tour to Yadokari Island

¥7500 (including tax) for hotel guests.
Venue: The beach in front of Marine Club Berry (1860-4 Serakaki Onnason)




Sea kayak experience! Snorkel at an uninhabited island! All these popular activities have a unique appeal.

The super-popular sea kayaking experience is like a leisurely explore of the sea.
Board the two-person kayak and row above a blue coral reef surrounded by a welcoming sea breeze.
As you listen to the interesting explanation from the tour guide, travel to your destination—a cave! Inside this cold, mysterious cave, the light from outside turns the surface of the water blue.
After visiting the cave, it’s time to snorkel, stopping by an uninhabited island where sea turtles come to lay eggs.
Participants wear life jackets, so even weak swimmers can enjoy this experience. The lush coral reef and colorful tropical fish will make for amazing memories of Okinawa.

Procedure of the Yadokari Tour

ベストウェスタンリゾート沖縄幸喜ビーチ|沖縄シーカヤック「やどかり島カヤックツアー」 Practice how to use paddles.
At first, your instructor will tell you how to use the paddles. Even beginners can learn how to handle them easily.
ベストウェスタンリゾート沖縄幸喜ビーチ|沖縄シーカヤック「やどかり島カヤックツアー」 Now, let’s set off in the kayaks!

After learning how to row the kayak, time to go onto the vast sea. It is the start of a big adventure.

ベストウェスタンリゾート沖縄幸喜ビーチ|沖縄シーカヤック「やどかり島カヤックツアー」 As you listen to the explanation from the tour guide, row slowly among the reefs.
ベストウェスタンリゾート沖縄幸喜ビーチ|沖縄シーカヤック「やどかり島カヤックツアー」 You are landing onto an uninhabited island. Watch you feet, as this is the laying eggs place for sea tortoises. When the sea is calm, let’s go and snorkel above
the coral reef from here.
ベストウェスタンリゾート沖縄幸喜ビーチ|沖縄シーカヤック「やどかり島カヤックツアー」 Explore the cave & go snorkeling!
You have found the secret cave!
Go inside the cave to explore. What will you find inside? The appeal of this tour is that this cave is only reachable by kayak.


Activity details

Price: ¥7500 (including tax)
Participation conditions: At least 5 years old
Planned duration Morning tour: Gather at 9:00 a.m. Afternoon tour: Gather at 2:00 p.m.
Please contact by phone for more information.
Activity duration About 3 hours
What to bring Swimsuit, t-shirt that you don’t mind getting wet, hat/cap (due to the strong sun), health insurance certificate (copy is OK)


How to book

Please book your preferred time using the booking form of Marine Club Berry.