In-hotel facility / Service

Please contact reception to book services or make other enquiries.
Please book in advance for limited services.


Reception / Lobby

The hotel reception is on the first floor. All our staff support guests to have a happy stay.Reception can hold on to guest valuables and lend out rental equipment.

PC corner (free of charge)

The PC corner is free for guests to use. It is located next to the entrance hall on the first floor.The PC is connected to the internet so that guests can check information about the places they want to visit.

Parking area (free of charge)

WWe have an outdoor parking site for 56 cars, free of charge.
A single parking space for guests using wheelchairs is located in front of the entrance.
The parking area is on a first-come, first-served basis. Guests can enter and leave at any time.
If the parking area is full, please contact staff at reception.

Seaside Ristorante

You can enjoy a variety of Japanese and Western dishes as well as local Okinawan cuisine for both your breakfast and evening meal.
Enjoy your meal while taking in the panoramic views of the vast sea from every window.

Laundrette (to be charged)

There are four washing machines and four clothes dryers in the launderette room opposite the elevator on the second floor.It is very useful after enjoying the time at the beach or for business stays.
Washing machine (60 minutes) ¥300
Clothes dryer (30 minutes) ¥200


The beach is just 10 meters away on foot! The emerald green East China Sea greets you as soon as you step out of the hotel entrance.Enjoy a variety of marine sports, including diving, jetski rides, and banana-boating.

Baby cots (paid)

We provide baby cots for up to three nights for a cost of 1,080 yen. Please book in advance if you would like to bborrow one during your stay. There are a limited number of cots available, so you may not be able to use one if they are already booked out.

Ice machine

There is an ice machine on the second floor beside the vending machines. An ice bucket is available in all guest rooms for guests to take ice if they wish.

Family Mart

On the first floor, connected to the hotel, is the Okinawa Family Mart Nago Kouki store, which is open 24 hours a day. You can come here to buy simple everyday items, alcohol or cigarettes, or drinks and food that you can only find here in Okinawa.